Dynamic ID for Action button Image


I am using Katalon Recorder, there is an application I am trying to automate for regression testing. There is a part where a click will open a popup on the page.

The element that needs to be clicked is an image:

This element is in a table. So, there is a list of products in a table format, accompanied by this image to open each respective popup for each product.

This is the popup:

This is the supporting HTML for the table:

The code for the image to be clicked is this:

As you can see, the link associated to the click is a PNG. when that link is opened, it is just the picture shown in Capture1.PNG.

The ID itself is dynamic, so automating using “id=” cannot work.

I am out of ideas to automate this action because I am still new to automation.

As stated above, I am using Katalon Automation Recorder, please let me know of any other way to open this popup.

Thank you in advance,