dynamic fields


I am
completely new in testing so please forgive me my simple question.

I recorded
test but when I do „play" i get the error that the field let say „subject" can’t
be found.

The reason
is that the fields are dynamically generated – ending with some ID.

Could You
please write me how to use assertAllFields
or other functions to get those IDs? When using asserAllFielfs I get „[error]
Actual value ‘subject_ember2021,assignto-ember2141’ did not match " .
Unfortunately I can’t fine any example of this case for K Recorder L . Or maybe there are some other functions that
I have to use ….

Thank You
for Your help

Cześć Marcin :slight_smile:

Maybe try to use if/while command to go thru all of the elements and inside if/while try to use xpath which will be looking for just the beginning of the id. It will find all the fields no matter what is at the end of the id - it will search for something like “subject_ember2021”.

So xpath to find it will look something like this:
//div[starts-with(@id, ‘subject_ember2021’)]

Hope that helps :slight_smile:.