Drag And Drop operation not executing

In my test case one steps requires Drag & Drop operation Then source tag location xpath :
//div[@data-qtip = ‘Double Click To Add It To Frame’ and (text() = ‘DOC_ID’ or . = ‘DOC_ID’)]
which I want to drop at
//div[@class = ‘x-panel-body allborder x-panel-body-default x-panel-body-default x-panel-default-outer-border-trbl’ and @style = ‘overflow’ and starts-with(@id, ‘searchEditor-’)]

I try with WebUI.dragAndDropToObject() methods but It does not success. so apply below alternative script. When I drop Doc_Id tag to another frame it a new label tag is generated. So, apply a trick Till that label tag is not verified (return False) then While loop goes on and execute Drag & Drop operation. But still this loop goes infinite and not doing Drag & Drop operation.

while ( WebUI.verifyElementInViewport(findTestObject(‘PageModule/Page_1/b_DOC_ID’), 30, FailureHandling.CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE ) == false) {
WebUI.dragAndDropToObject(findTestObject(‘PageModule/Page_1/div_DOC_ID’), findTestObject(‘PageModule/Page_1/div_mainFrame’))
WebUI.doubleClick(findTestObject(‘PageModule/Page_1/div_DOC_ID’)) */

Can I have any other way to write\execute method.