Downloading Katalon Studio Older Versions


Katalon Studio is a free and robust automation solution for API, Web and Mobile testing. Sometimes you may need an older version of Katalon Studio, please adjust the download link below to get the desired version.

_Note: _

  • _Older versions may not be fully supported by the Katalon Team. To get Katalon Studio latest version, visit our website _
  • Projects created with BDD feature in version 5.7 onward are not compatible with version 5.6.3 and below

_After Oct 2nd, please use Katalon Studio official GitHub repository to get Katalon Studio older versions. _

Current download links format:

Where x.x.x is the Katalon Studio version. For example, you want to download Katalon Studio 5.4.2:




I had old versions katalon studio in my iphone which was not opening well and then I had an update with the latest version but It had worked but still a small improvement. I had contacted Apple Support for help. They say that It is not supporting your device and It needs to change or update some hardware