Download video with Firefox - can't get rid of download dialog

Hi there,
I’ve faced a problem that when I’m trying to download a video from the site, I always see this download dialog. I’ve read this and that topics, but it wasn’t pretty helpful. Here’s my settings. Is it because of mime type? By the way, tried also with folder list = 1 which should be a default Download folder. Also didn’t work.

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browser.donload.dir key is incorrect, should be:, and the path should not include double “\” - C:\Katalon\Downloads

Vinh Nguyen said:

browser.donload.dir key is incorrect, should be:

Thanks for noticing but I still have this annoying window (Open or Save file to). Updated settings:


Is it the small window that pops up at the top right? I think it can be disabled in Firefox preferences menu.