Downgrading chromedriver version in Docker


I would like to ask, if there is possibility to downgrade chromedriver in docker image.

There is problem, when running tests throught docker i’am not able to reach our company websites.

(I recorded video and after logging to website it shows error)

If i run test from docker image with version bellow 8.3.0 (iam using 8.2.5 now), iam able to go on this pages without problem, but these versions do not support variables in e-mail Subject, so i would like to use higher version.

I also tried to run exactly that same test, but without docker image, and it went to these pages.

Same for tests passed in Firefox, its without problem.

in my opinion, there is a mismatch in combination katalon version x chromedriver x and possibly our webpages that we test.

PS: iam able to get on this pages via browser with the exactly same chromedriver version as the docker image (8.3.5) contains.