Does Profile data overrides Data File data?

I have created two Profiles to quickly change from one environment to another, among other data I have a username and password, but when I use a data file in the test suit and run it, Katalon ignores data from the data file and uses the data from Profile. On the data file I have four rows, with four different usernames and password, but the test suit is executed with the username and password defined on the profile for the four rows.
I am using Katalon 7.9.1
Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much.

This may help you:

Hi Dave_Evers
My problem is using data files with a variable that is also defined as global variable on a Profile:
For example, I have defined the username=‘user1’ in the profile.
On the data file the column username has ‘userA’, ‘userB’, ‘userC’.
Then, on the test suite I have assigned the column to the variable username.
When running the test suite it uses always the value assigned on the profile (‘user1’), it executes the test three times with ‘user1’.
I was expecting data file information had precedence over the global variable

Thank you

Hi @rogerio.silva Don’t quote me but I believe you have to set your variables in your test case: See the following for details: