Does Katalon support testing TIBCO EMS

I need to test performance of a TIBCO EMS webservice (TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™), by import WSDL file. Does katalon support this ?
If yes, could you show me a demo

Many thanks

Importing the wsdl in soap is not the issue.

it is a long time ago that I tested tibco wsdls and did it in soapui and in rational integration test (formerly greenhat) If I recall The problem is more:
Can you setup the Jar files In Katalon which u need for connectivity to support jms(ems)).

I really love katalon, but in this case I would use soapui for this problem.
here is a tutorial how it is done in soapui Maybe you can correlate and set it up in Katalon Studio for your needs.

good luck

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Use can import .jars into Katalon to handle external connection. Importing WSDL will have no issue. you can click on the feature, input the wsdl url and done.

Thank you Brian,

I saw a nice article in stackoverflow about jms(ems) on soap adress location in a wsdl.

Thanks @Ralph_van_der_HOrst, @Brian_Ducson, I imported wsdl and jms jar in katalon, but I don’t know how to do next for testing jms request in Katalon ? Do I need config more setting ? Please see my image

Could you attach the wsdl here?

@Brian_Ducson, please check my file

example.txt (56.7 KB)

It seems that Katalon does not support JMS messages.
Is that correcT?

@Brian_Ducson : Can I test JMS with Katalon ?