Does Katalon have the ability to test web chatBots?

In my company are asking if there is a possibility to automate web chatbots…i did a POC and it is working ok but maybe there you can recommend a better practice. Thanks!

Hi !

I don’t know what automating web chatbots mean, can you elaborate ? In principle, nearly everything on the web can be automated if there exists a constant routine, so I think it’s possible, but can’t help you without more information.

Cheers !

Hello ThanhTo,
I mean testing different kind of messages and chatbot responses to cover different escenarios.
What happen for example when you dont type anything? or if the user writes a sentence without any sense?
What i am doing is testing a little bit a chatbot whithin a chrome browser and i am beeing able to do what i need to do. i also tried doing datadriven to test different data combination but same steps …and it is ok.

Thanks !

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