Docker - Katalon container uses a lot of resources

Hello everyone,

My project using Docker for everything so that I also have to run Katalon with Docker.
When our project is going big. We are writing more and more test cases.
Then the resource that the container use is increasing.
Mostly is the amount of data the container has read block devices on the host.

When it is about 100 test cases, it read more than 100GB.
Although I use SSD for my machine, it still getting freeze.
The container itself has stopped responding. I have to remove it by myself.

I also check with only 7 test cases, it read about 400MB, uses 2GB of MEM., sometimes up to 3 cores (300% CPU), but it still fine.

I think the root course here the data the container is reading. How do I reduce it?

I have some test cases that upload a file, but the files I use are just about 50KB.
I can split it to use 2 or more separate test suites and run it sequentially.
But is there a way to reduce the resource that the container uses when I have a lot of test cases?

Any help would be appreciated.