Distribute Test Suite Execution on Multiple Virtual Machines


I am evaluating Katalon Studio for my organisation. Organisation will have more than 1000 automated UI test cases for Web, Mobile and API.

We will require to complete test execution within 3 hours. To achieve this, I will need an application to distribute test cases from Test Suites to multiple virtual machines to enable parallel test execution.

I was wondering if Katalon Studio is capable to do this? If so how?

@viral.panchal I think you can achieve this through Test Suite Collection. Test suite collection enables you to run Test Suites either sequentially or parallel to on different set of devices and profiles.

Before this you would also need to setup remote execution in your project

Hi Manpreet,

Thanks for your reply. I tried this. It runs all tests in parallel on local machine.

Would you be able to point me to a document/video as to how do I add a virtual machine (Test Execution Agent) in Katalon Studio and how can I distribute tests, so they run on virtual machines as oppose to on my local machine?


@viral.panchal This link might be helpful to you if you want to run test on a virtual machine

Please check the part “Execute in a remote environment” . In this setup you would need to have Selenium Grid https://www.seleniumhq.org/docs/07_selenium_grid.jsp

You should also check this, It is from Katalon itself. It is similar to SeleniumGrid but easy. Although I have never used it myself

If you don’t want to go to that much technical setup I would suggest you to look into services like

Sauce Labs :

LambdaTest :

Kobiton : Good for Mobile app automation

BrowserStack :