Differents Asserts using different data - (DataFiles)

Hi! I have an excel sheet, with different data, so I am using the DataFiles functionality, and I am testing a form, I would like to know if I can introduce different assets depending on the value that the variable gets on the Excel sheet.

For example:

In the excel sheet I have:
Email (column)


Then I create a data file, a test suit, and a variable.

So, I want to know if when the variable email get the value 1 (Email1@gmail.com) the assert can be getting a text of the next page(example)
And if the variable email gets the value 2 (Email2@gmail.com), the assert can be an error message.

That is possible. how can I do it?

Hi Santiago,

I’m quite confused about this:

can you explain a little further?


I arnel! Sorry about that!

I mean that, if i have a form, the assert would be go to the next page, (congratulation page for example) but Obviously I have to select a text of that page (it can be the header of something else) that it will be my assert of that “new” page.

Hi Santiago,

So you mean like the assert will trigger an event? like a click or something to go to the next page??

That’s what I understand here. . .

I don’t think Assertions will work that way (Hope my understanding is correct). Assertions work as checks. I don’t think it will do an event like what you seek.