Difference between recording scripts vs. scripts development

Can someone suggest about the what would be the best approach, whether developing the groovy scripts or recorded scripts ? Please share the positive and negative side of these two ?
Because we are planning implement the katalon studio in the project !!

Thanks in advance.

Very shortly -

+ easy and straightforward for non-technical testers
- very limiting, you are not able to use all features of Katalon

Writing scripts
+++ fully customizable solution with all benefits of Java and Groovy
+ robust code, human can usually find better selectors
- tester must have technical background

You can even combine these two approaches, but if you are able to write a code, Iā€™d strongly recommend to write scripts manually. Recorder is a very handy feature, but you can write far better tests on your own.



ā€“ it gets very clumsy, bloated and complicated very fast

Writing scripts
++ by the time you recorded 20 scripts, you will already learn to write almost all of the code the recorder can get you (maybe using good CSS/xpath locators will take some more time)

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Thank you, Marek. Please share if any more.

Thank you so much.