Determine 'Value' of an Input element

hope one of you kind people can help! I am struggling to verify that particular text/value appears in an ‘Input’ element. The Input element is used to display various results - with the ‘value’ changing to relevant result.

I have tried ‘Verify Element Text’, ‘Select Option by Value’ and ‘Verify Element Attribute Value’. The last option seemed the most relevant but it seems this element does not have an attribute (I used ‘Get Attribute’ to check) - so even though it might be null, I cannot supply that value for an attribute (as far as I can tell).

My element:

I have the object saved to repository and am able to select it - I just can’t seem to verify the value. Example of error:
Test Cases/New Test Case FAILED because (of) Unable to verify if object ‘Object Repository/Page_Risk Assessment/input_RiskAssessment.RiskScore’ has attribute ‘’ with value ‘High’ (Root cause: Object ‘Object Repository/Page_Risk Assessment/input_RiskAssessment.RiskScore’ does not have attribute ‘’)
Thanks, Dan

I think the process of writing this down helped.
The simple-ish answer is that ‘Verify Element Attribute Value’ is used:
attribute = ‘value’
value = ‘high’ (or whatever you are looking for).