Desktop Application Automation for Teams


Can anybody help me to automate Microsoft team as:

  1. In desktop when i click on team app it should open teams and allow to me access it.

Current when i try to do it via desktop it displays me error as ‘remote session is not getting created’.

Can someone please me on this.

Hello any update on this !!

Hi @Shruti.Pathane

Have you tried the latest version which supports Native Windows Recorder to see if it works ?

Hello @ThanhTo,

It is for Enterprise version and currently i have studio version can you please provide me any other solution so that i can try?

Thanks in advance.

Have you followed the documentation to set up WinAppDriver ?

Hello @ThanhTo,

Yes i have done Winapp Driver setting still i am not able to do so .
Here is the screenshot:


To inspect Microsoft Teams application, you need to add extra arguments like this: 105675812_1307668466105987_1037900992214850259_n

appArguments: --processStart "Teams.exe"

You also need to input Application Title as the application windows title of the Microsoft Teams app when it opens:

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It is working able to access teams app. Just to update I have added Application Title as ‘Microsoft Team’ after that it works.

THANKS ALOT !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Able to launch Microsoft Teams but unfortunately can not record any actions, inside of the Teams…