Desired Capabilities - The Missing Manual

Ok Im going to go back and retrace my steps

Is there anyway to change the preferences inside the Dictionary type at run time?

I’m using Chrome 77 and I have the prefs Dictionary in my Desired Capabilities -> Web UI -> Chrome settings. The two properties I have in the dictionary are download.prompt_for_download = false and safebrowsing.enabled = true. Before adding these, Chrome would give me the keep/discard prompt immediately upon clicking the download button. After applying them, the file appears to begin downloading, however, when it gets to 100% it shows the keep/discard prompt instead of finishing.
Am I missing a property in my prefs dictionary?

My setup: Katalon 6.3.3, Windows 7, Chrome: 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable)

I followed Brandon’s how-to (excellent work, thanks!) but I am not able to dismiss the “Download multiple files” dialog…


My Katalon settings:

Has anyone ever got this to work?

This is my diff result:


Funny you should ask, see my topic about this particular alert here:

tl;dr No, there’s no way to handle this, outside of refreshing the page between downloads.

Hey Brandon,

Thanks for the feed-back :slight_smile:

The idea of refresh works for me.

Not elegant but does the trick.


Hi Brandon,

Under “Dictionary Property Builder”
Can a GlobalVariable be used in the “download.default_directory” value?
I’ve tried a few variations but no luck so far.

For example I tried the following but it does not work:
download.default_directory= GlobalVariable.DownloadFolder

No, this would not work. The arguments given here are just read as Strings, so no method invocation would ever be triggered.

Thanks for the info Brandon.


@Brandon_Hein for Step 1, you can try also to simply navigate to chrome://prefs-internals (and refresh the page after the changes).
Should produce the same JSON results, already pretty printed. Save the page as txt or whatever you like and all good for diff-ing.


Wow, nice. This would definitely save a couple steps!