Delete Katalon Studio and workspace folder

I downloaded Katalon studio to do a trial of the software. Now I want to remove the software and the workspace (including the project) that I created for this. But it seems I am unable to remove. I am getting the message that it is in use. How can I terminate it so the it does not in use anymore. Since I did not install the software (unzip the Katalon studio folder and copy paste it in my Document folder) I thought I can just select and delete the folder if I don’t need it.
Here is the message I am getting.
What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

If this is coming up you may reboot and then delete. I know when I’ve tried to update or move stuff I get a similar issue.

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This is almost always caused by drivers still running from a previous test run (this is a normal thing that always happens with webdriver). You can reboot, then delete the studio folder and the project folder, or easier still, run the following command from the command line, depending on which browser’s you’ve executed things in:

  • Chrome:
    taskkill -F -IM chromedriver.exe

  • Firefox
    taskkill -F -IM geckodriver.exe

  • Edge
    taskkill -F -IM MicrosoftWebDriver.exe

  • IE
    taskkill -F -IM IEDriverServer.exe


Thanks Brandon_Hein. That resolve my issue. I am able to remove the folder.

Hi B_L. I appreciate your likings to the software but when I see this kind of answer it irritates me a little. This does not resolve my problem and does not add any value to the post. I want to remove it from one of my machines but that does not mean I don’t like the software and don’t want to use it. On the contrary I am planning to use the software to implement my automation testing project. But I need to remove it from the computer where it is installed and need to install in a separate machine (already done).

Wish this post does not stop you from replying my post in future that I am sure I am going to ask to learn the software.

not a problem and an unfair assumption. I have edited my reply to only include the second part.