Debugging test case

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In Katalon Studio 7.0 — the Debugging works slightly differently, and I was having trouble getting the script to stop at the breakpoints.
I clicked/selected the “Debug” button and the launched the test case, but it does not stop at the breakpoint. There is no longer a launch test case in debug mode button.

Anything change in Katalon Studio 7.0, that I need to do extra to enable the stoppage.

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I’m in the same boat. I can’t figure out a way to run Katalon in Debug mode. Am I missing something?

Hard to say. It’s working here:

Hi @glen.whelan

The debugging mode is available only in KSE, are you using KSE or the free version o KS ? If you activate Katalon with a business email then you’re automatically granted a 30days trial of KSE.

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It would be helpful for this article to have a statement at the top saying “A Katalon Studio Enterprise license is required for this debugging process”.