Debugging now costs money?

I haven’t used Katalon for a while now. Is it correct that I have to go for the Enterprise version to do debugging? I am pretty sure that it was part of Katalon Studio before. What is going on?!


This document will help you see the differences between KS (free) and KSE (paid).

I found that already. The point is that we suddenly have to pay for debugging. Seriously? I am super disappointed by Katalon. Looks like downgrading to version 6.3.3 is an issues as well. When I provide my credentials (which I use for the community) I get told that the email or password is wrong. When I use those credentials to register I get told that I am already registered (as expected).

Don’t get me wrong. Your product is great. And I understand that you should ask for money. But what I do not get is that you offer core features for free which you later charge us for. You build that honeypot and stab everyone in the back. If you would at least continue to offer all KS6 features for free in KS7. So, our trust in Katalon is just gone and we will start discussing alternatives.

Thanks for the support so far. But again, really disappointing!

And I’m really disappointed you’ve wasted my time by coming here just to gripe. I saw all your other posts, I let through the only one that bore an answerable question, this one.

Understand this: I don’t work for Katalon, I do this for free.

Understand this: The information you are requesting is available, for free, by using the search button.

You might choose to adopt a better attitude, like @anne.mccloghry :

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