Dealing with switching between windows and copy & pasting the dynamic objects

  1. I tried to register into an account
    Gave creds–>Clicked on Continue button–>It generated a Dynamic 4 digit OTP
  2. Switched the tab and opened a url to hit an API which generates the OTP in the below fashion.
  3. From this Tab2, I need to copy each number every time and switch the tab to Tab1. Paste the copied number i.e., 4 _ _ _
  4. Switch to Tab2 copy the next number i.e., 7 -->Switch to Tab1 paste the number in the 2nd place i.e., 4 7 _ _
    Similarly for remaining two ,copy and paste the numbers by switching between the tabs
    Hurdle is OTP is dynamic.
    Any suggestions on this issue? Should I store the response some where everytime or is there any better approach for this issue.
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@duyluong @Russ_Thomas @Zarashima @ThanhTo
Any leads would highly be appreciated

When you say copy, can I assume you can grab the contents into a String? Then instead of paste, you then setText(), or concatenate, the String value you grabbed. Or does it actually have to be copy & paste? If the latter, then look into Robot commands.

OTP i got from a API
I need to grab a number out of 4 digit Dynamic OTP
for ex OTP is 1 2 3 4
I will grab 1 and pass it in a web browser application
Again I need to grab the next number which is 2 and pass it in the previous page web application
Similarly I will pass 3 and 4


So have you tried to grab the whole OTP and then have to parse (or substring()) the OTP into different pages of the web app.

I tried that but pasting the whole otp at one go does not work for my scenario
It should be one at a time
@duyluong @Russ_Thomas @Zarashima @ThanhTo

Is the One Time Password a 4 digit reference? Can you get the OTP as one grab. If you can, then you should be able to use OTP.substring(startingRef, startingRef + 1) as the part to “paste”. Sorry, maybe I am not seeing the true situation. Note the starting position of your OTP would be zero, not one.

Just a note that if the OTP is an Integer, then you may have to use:

OTP.toString().substring(startingRef, startingRef + 1);

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