Data valuetype Dictionary (key-value) - How to use?

Our test project requires to use pre-defined test parameters/data as key-value pairs that can be used as test input, validation, etc. The Data ValueType = “Dictionary” fits this need well. BUT, we found NO WAY to use this value type within Katalon Studio. Per Katalon’s own documentation, Dictionary is well supported as described in this doc:

In our studio, there is NO value available in Data ValueType drop-down menus to choose, and NO other menu that indicate to create/configure/use it.

My environment:
Platform: Windows 64
Katalon Studio v. 5.10.1

Please advise what we missed? Thanks!


Dictionary type is actually Map in Java-based languages. You can define your global variable like this:


And to access variables in a test case:

println GlobalVariable.dict."key1"

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