Data Source Plugin

Hi guys,

Has anyone attempted to write a data source plugin.
I would like to start deving a plugin that has more driver support, can be updated at runtime, can use global variables for config and a few others. I would appreciate some guidance in terms of getting started

Hi @moenieb.davids

What you do mean by a data source plug-in. Can you elaborate more on the functionalities as well as use cases ?

For kickstart, you may want to read the post

Cheers !

Thanks for the reply ThanTo
Use case:
Add support for AS400, Mongo and Solr which we currently use in our environment
Parametise the connection string which can be set via a global variable as an example
The feature in Katalon is actually great, just needed the above to slot into our framework.
I actually saw some code from a previous version in terms of the data source feature and thought I could just extend that code, will probably just be a few lines of code

solr is not exactly db, but is more a search engine. just saying. you can simple use rest api calls for this one.
for mongodb i think there is a keyword made by another user … or even plugin. search for it and feel free to improve the code if needed
abt as400 … no ideea, i never use it or saw any discussion about it … so at least for this one you will have to make your own code if in rush.