Data driven vs Self contained vs other solutions to iterate

Hello everyone,

I am a total beginner either on Katalon Studio or Continuous Integration and I wonder what would be, in your point of view, the pros and cons on the different ways that we have to iterate tasks.

I asking this question in the context of doing “sanity test” but especially in the situation that someday someone else will work on tests I working on to maintain them.

In advance, thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

I have done both Data driven and self contained test for my applications.
I think it depends what your applications are doing. If there’s many differents cases because only the data change, I think data driven is a good choice. It will takes more time to make them at first but on long term you can have a better tests coverage. I feel it makes the tests more complicated to understand but more reusable.
On the other hand, I use self contained test on another app where I have few types of users and few functions.

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