Data driven multiple Row execution

Scenario: Need to exceute multiple rows in a data sheet

I need to submit application for multiple data’s.
I was trying to use CSV for this .
But not aware how to iterate through rows.
How can we accomplish this?

I posted something in tips and tricks that would help

In addition to that you could create a loop and put your code instead like this:

//number of rows in nameOfData
int count = 2

for (int i = 1; i <= count; i++) {


and then have your values set up with the row increment like this:

String userName = nameOfData.getValue(3, i)
String userPassword = nameOfData.getValue(4, i)
String customerName = nameOfData.getValue(5, i)

The first number is the column, second is the row, it’s i because it will loop through based upon number of rows and pull new variables based upon what iteration you are in. You could also dynamically grab the row count instead of predefined

Like this:


that works with DBData normally I can’t get it to work for ExcelFactory though so might need to set the int for row count.

This is not the best method just what I came up with that works for me.