Data Binding to check all select dropdown options and results?

Hi everyone.
I am facing a need and I’d like to have some hints to solve it.

The webpage I am testing has a dropdown box containing some values:

Name [placeholder]

When I click on one of this values, the AngularJs application give me the results in a table under the dropdown, which is made of some parameters related to the item I choose. For example::

item-1 selected:
ID Name
1 item-1

item-2 selected:
ID Name
2 item-2

item-2 selected:
ID Name
3 item-3

Actually I do the click-check values for each value of the dropdown, taking the value from an excel file which first column is ID and second is Name.

What I would like to automate is an automatic iteration ( like data-binding for login pages… ) so that the test iterate through all the items of the dropdown and checks the values in the table.

Any idea of how I can do this ?

thank you,


You can try writing a dynamic xpath which should be able to select any option you want.
Like //*[@foo][x] where x can be 1,2,3…

Run a for loop n get the option value.
Iterate to repeat the same.



Can you give some details for below scenario?

I want to get data from excel and select that data from combo box then how it will achieve in katalon studio

I try below code but not working, does anything missing?

E.g WebUI.selectOptionByValue(findTestObject(‘Simple/Page/select_Select combo’), findTestData(

    'database1').getValue(1, 1), true)