Data binding step Issue

I followed the exact procedure mentioned in the help documentation for data binding step. But, my script doesn’t take the value mentioned in the excel file and fails at data bind step. Moreover the steps in the help document do not include on essential part in the variable creation step.
Can someone throw some light on this?

please share more information … what steps you did, what errors you see, post all screenshots, logs, etc.

these are the steps and error I’m facing.

errors in data bind.docx

there is few errors in game at once
1. there is something wrong with definition of object you trying to set text into - check definition, or post screen-shot so we can check too (please use forum capabilities and post it directly here)
2. this is from where?


even before the data binding step I’m facing issue. I have posted the screen shot in this link. could you look into it once?

unfortunately i’m not an Katalon employee