Data binding lost at suite level for Katalon V6.3.3 after clearing cache

We are presently using Katalon V6.3.3 and on remote access machine. This remote access needs us to clear all temp files and restart once in a day.

During the above clearance process any new data mapping done in Test suite level is getting removed and I have keep mapping it before executing the suite each time.

What is the possible reasons for the same?

Any chance you can provide some more detail into what you mean by ‘clear all temp files?’ If you’ve got whitelisted files and are removing everything else than my guess is script.groovy files being deleted, but there is the .project file, some execution files for each Suite, and testCaseBinding that all are generated when you run a test suite, and sometimes when you modify a test suite. My recommendation would be have a blacklist of files to remove at end of day, then slowly work to expand that instead of trying to whitelist files.