Data binded in test suite lost when cloning project


Whenever i clone my project, i do not see the variables and test data file i have added in my test suite.
I am using Katalon 7.5.
You can replicate the issue by creating an excel file and attaching it in the test data section and map the information in the variable section for a test suite.
As you can see in the screenshot below, type is default and test data and value are empty.
Before cloning the project i did map my data file with the type, test data and value.
I have the below in my gitignore file:

Katalon Test Suite



I am not sure if my gitignore file is causing this.
I clone the project using git clone.

Please do let me know if more information is required.

Thank you

I can not see what the above screenshot is.

Could you please show a broader screenshot — whole window, not a part.

I mean here:

I had already assigned data column, test data and values in this place but when i clone my project i do not see them.


You need to commit the test suite file (.ts) after making changes.

Hi @duyluong, i already have the file committed and i see this in the file;

When you mapping a variable to a test data’s column. The test suite files should contain variableLink section that matches to the testDataLink ID:

         <testDataId>Data Files/New Test Data</testDataId>

The testDataID field is not enough

Hello @duyluong,

Thank you for the feedback. Indeed my testsuite.ts did not contain the data binded in the test suite.
I have made the changes and pushed it.
I have not clone the project yet but i think it will be okay now.

Thank you a lot for your help.