Custumized katalon Basic reports

Is there a way to get only failed error logs in the katalon Basic reports instead of everything.
If there is a way can anyone guide the way.

Unfortunately the Basic Report is not customisable at all. No way to filter the contents as you like.

If you find the report you got is too verbose, as you can not FILTER it, all you can do is to emit less messages. For example, if you wrote many WebUI.comment(msg) statements, you can comment them out to make the report less verbose.

If you find the wording is not appropriate for non-techinical person, possibly you should rename test cases/test suites/test objects named in English to your local language. See

For me, 日本語 Japanese. I name those entities in 日本語, then the report suddenly becomes easier to understand for non-techincal person.

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