Custom plugins and KRE


I am creating a custom plugin in order to integrate test excecutions with my company test managment system.

The documentation for creating the plugin and installing it in KS is quite clear. However how does it work with KRE ? Does it automatically pickup plugins from the plugin folder ?


Hi @bredda

Yes, KRE will pickup plugins from plugin folder just like KSE.

Great, thanks for the answer @anhqle .

One last question (not related to KRE):
I want to maintain two custom plugins to share with all my company projects

  • A custom keyword plugins for dealing with our frontend custom components (editable datatable, treeview and such)
  • A custom plugin to integrate with our test managment system

Those two needs are really specific so releasing them publicly would not make sense (and would be a no go from management)

So the question is:
Is it expected behavior for Ks to not be able to autoload both plugins from plugin folder on startup ?

  • if both are present in folder, only one of them is loaded
  • if only one is present, autoload is working (tested on both plugins)

I could autoload one from folder then after startup install the other one from Tools menu. Doable altought annoying, but ultimately I guess the problem would be the same from KRE

Thanks again

Hi @bredda,
To be able to autoload both plugins from plugin folder, you must use Katalon Studio Enterprise edition. Please refer to for more information on how to load private plugins, as well as the requirements to enable this functionality.