Custom Keywords Browser Folders

@Andrej Podhajský

I appreciate the input, I have tried to make a temporary package and created a temp keyword in there but I still just have that “General” folder in the browser with keywords from both of my packages included in it.

ok, now i really dont know what are you talking about… what General? this is how my Keywords are look like:


Apologies for the confusion, what you are showing displays fine for me as you have explained. My question is in regards to the Keywords Browser. The point of me trying to split it up is for my manual testers to be able to drag and drop the custom keywords into their script, but it would be easier for them if it was sorted properly. rather than all of the keywords being in that general folder.


now i get it !.. thanx for explanation … i did not know there is such view :smiley:

Just going to bump this as I’m still curious if there’s a way to handle this

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I thought that folder is just for the CustomKeywords class which you can call from any test cases…
I am not quite sure how to add more folders in that folders…

Hey @Hansen William,

This certainly seems like a tricky one, I’ve bee scrubbing all around Katalon to see if I can find any hints on how to accomplish what I’m looking for but still no gots.

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Bumping this once again as I still haven’t found the solution to this, I will continue to poke around and look.


Bump #10. Current way of displaying keywords is really annoying if we have over a hundred of them ( trying to follow POM)

Is there still no way to organize custom keywords better than in one big list?

I think the reason this thread is getting little official attention is that it is not posted under the Suggestions category.

I’ll move it now.

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Sorry for this old ugly post…

I ended up making a better one for this topic here: Organization of Custom Keywords within the Keywords Browser

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Thanks for the update after all the time, @Tyler_Prada, I guess this thread can be closed than.