Custom Keywords and Method call statements in Katalon Studio

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I was trying to create custom keywords for Android Native application.

I have added mobile custom keyword under Keywords folder, ie I want add a sample custom keyword just perform tap action.

Snippet here :

class PlayerActions {


def tapOnPlayerLayer_Mobile(TestObject to, int timeout){

KeywordUtil.logInfo(“Tap on Player layer”+ to.getObjectId())

MobileElement mobileElement = MobileElementCommonHelper.findElement(to, timeout)



Later I have called same from my test scrip


(4th Step)

in script mode :

CustomKeywords.‘PlayerActions.tapOnPlayerLayer_Mobile’(findTestObject(‘Android_POM/Layout_test’), 0)

While executing the test I get below error:

PlayerActions.tapOnPlayerLayer_Mobile(findTestObject(“Android_POM/Layout_test”), 0)

Elapsed time: 0.096s

Cannot invoke method click() on null object

But if we perform the same using

Mobile.tap(findTestObject(‘Android_POM/Layout’), 0)

test script executes properly.

Is there any bugs in Android Native app custom keywords ? I am able to perform custom keywords calls on Web application.

or is there any problem in custom keyword script ?