Custom keywords and excel data source in Docker container

Hi there,
I’m able to successfully run trivial Web browser tests(without custom keywords, excel data source) in Docker container.
However, in the same container I’m getting errors “Groovy:unable to resolve class …package with my custom keywords” and com.kms.katalon.execution.exception.ExecutionException: path to my excel with test data.
Are you able to run test suite with custom keywords and test data from excel in Docker container?

hmmm… i think it is in error - keyword is not able to see file from within docker. you need to set path in way that it will be visible also from docker, or store it in docker so it can be found.

I am also getting this error while running project in docker and I understand the error, then how to make it visible to docker or any solution …please share

we are storing our test data together with sourcode in git and using relative path to those files - works fine for us

Hi, I am getting this issue too. Can you explain how you are able to get this to work. My tests are all failing and the path that i am seeing in the error is pointing to the path on my actual computer

Hi @ola.bale,

Can you share the console log file of the failing execution?

i have actually fixed this now. I just forgot to make filepath relative. its working now

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