Custom error message - Inverse testing command

Would be cool if we have a command called “error” and in target we will write communicat for tester. It would be helpful in test where we want to not only check if some element did not appear/it’s unactive but we want to click it to be sure what going on. So we click this element and if it work it mean fail.

I have 2 buttons on page. I click first one. Second one should change to be UNactive. I want to check what happen when I click this unactive button so my test act like it doesn’t click this first button and try to do more staf. If it can play next commands it means something is wrong with this buttons and it’s mean fail acctualy so i want to throw a custom message to log.

Now we can try to use command “click” for example and put our message in target value to be thrown.

Is KeywordUtil.markFailed() what are you looking for?

Take a look at

I think about Katalon Automation Recorder. I just start to think about this kind of tests and I came up with this idea.

Sorry, I didn’t notice that. :sweat_smile:

Yes, exactly like this.