[Contributor Program] Technical Blogger - Content Guideline & Requirements

As a Technical Blogger, we encourage you to be creative with your articles, and tackle subject that have yet to be covered before.

Nevertheless, your articles should also adhere to the following Content Requirement and Content Guideline

Content Requirements

Remember the UMRRR

Criteria Description
Unique The article should be written from the author’s original knowledge and experiences. Plagiarism is not allowed.
Meaningful The article should deliver significant value to readers. It should at least solve a problem or provide new information that readers can use and apply to their work. Otherwise, it cannot be considered meaningful.
Readable The article should be easy to understand thoroughly and have a clear structure (by having headings and content breakdown into small paragraph)
Relevant The article should solely focus on the chosen topic
Reliable The article must have all facts correct, in-depth and practical information.

Content Guideline

To meet the approval, here are things that authors can follow:

  • Prepare: Authors should pick topics that suit their expertise, then make an outline and discuss particular ideas with the Community team if needed before starting to draft.

  • Write unique content: Authors can take ideas from different sources but must not paraphrase others’ work. Authors are required to write from their own experience and knowledge.

  • Be careful with the length of content: To provide enough in-depth, the articles should not be too short. But they also should not be too long to avoid going off-topic. An article should be around 600 - 1000 words.

  • Use heading hierarchy: Start with H2 and go down in sequence. Headings should contain important keywords so that readers can easily follow the content flow.

  • Avoid lengthy paragraphs: To ensure the article is scalable and easy to read, a paragraph should not last more than 5 lines in Google Docs.

  • Use simple English: This applies to both the vocabulary and grammar. Remember, there are a lot of non-natives in Katalon community. Authors should make sure all users can understand their articles.

  • Be careful with links: Authors can give credit to where it’s due but are not allowed to spam links.

  • No product promotion or self-advertising.

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