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I think to get control api calls and technical performance management in your dtap street is essential. To tap in on devtools in selenium 4 and leveraging on the communcation (especially xhr calls requests and responses) can be very benificial for customers. In reality I am creaing my own npm package in lighthouse npm icw selenium devtools to make this happen. but I think for the katalon this will provide a boost in technical monitoring as such you can check if a feature toggle is on or of on different stages in the dtap street. It is just an idea I have from my 20 years of experience in testmanagent, tech testing and where big companies struggle with. To get real time control of their api services called within their webbrowsers.

Hi @ralphvanderhorst,

Thanks for your input.

Could you let us know which Katalon Platform’s module were you referring to in your post? i.e. Studio, TestOps, TestCloud, etc.?