Console Mode and Returning Exit Status

I’m executing my Test Suite in console mode.

What I want is to be able to see an Exit Code returned upon completion. I’m currently not integrating with CI or anything at the moment.

Can I still get an Exit Code returned after running the test suite?

I’d also love to get a simple pass-or-fail return when running a suite. Especially since that could then be used to trigger a message or alert through other channels.

If you execute a Test Suite, there will be an exit code for it already, please refer to this guide:

I made another post:

Katalons Documentation has a description as follows:

Exit Codes
When you execute Katalon Studio command from CI , exit code will be generated as the output of your execution. You can use this exit code to know whether your execution is successful, passed or failed.

I find this explanation is poor. We need to write a .bat or .sh script to pass the Exit Code from Katalon to Jenkins. The document should present example script (.bat and .sh). You can find my example here

The article mentioned in the comments is no longer available at the documentation. Is it replaced by another article or what happened to it?

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From the docs here:

You open the ‘Deprecated’ section and down near the bottom it says:

Below is the list of exit codes after console mode execution:

  • 0: the execution passed with no failed or error test case.
  • 1: the execution has failed test cases.
  • 2: the execution has error test cases.
  • 3: the execution has failed test cases and error test cases.
  • 4: the execution cannot start because of invalid arguments.

Hi @cpjohnson,

Thank you so much for your contribution. We have already modified the document based on your feedback.

Happy Testing.


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