Connection ios device issue & Katalon Application Crash

Hi All Member Katalon Community,

i have some issues about the Katalon Apps v8.5.x
Running on MacBook Pro 16Gb OS Ventura 13.0.1

  1. i just can use Katalon v8.5.3.alpha for my macbook, the other version of v8.5.x it’s always crashing.
  2. somehow i can’t connect my ios device on katalon version v8.5.3.alpha (android works) , even my ios device it’s get listed on device at Xcode , and i already did all the step by step guidence

please someone can give me some advice or answer for this issue , it’s really help me out,
Thanks a lot guys.


Do you receive any error logs?

Hi, @Elly_Tran

This is the log while Katalon Crash
v8.5.5 (Stable)

locCrash8-5-5Stable (221.6 KB)


Which version of xcode are you using? Is it similar to this one