Congela la prueba cuando

Estoy intentando reducir el zoom, del browser chrome.

WebUI.executeJavaScript(‘‘75%’’, null)

me funciona el codigo arriba, pero no sigue la aplicacion. Se saco esta linea la prueba se efectua correctamente.




WebUI.executeJavaScript(‘‘75%’’, null)

WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/EMISIONES/Page_Ladorian iDS v4.0/input_Usuario_mat-input-0’), ‘adminbp’)

WebUI.setEncryptedText(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/EMISIONES/Page_Ladorian iDS v4.0/input_Contrasea_mat-input-1’),
‘4nvbrPglk7k=’)‘Object Repository/EMISIONES/Page_Ladorian iDS v4.0/span_Entrar’)) <---- aqui me falla

alguien puede me ayudar?

un saludo

English translation:

I am trying to reduce the zoom, of the browser chrome.

WebUI.executeJavaScript (‘ = ‘75%’ ’, null)

The code above works for me, but the application does not follow. This line was taken, the test is carried out correctly.

WebUI.openBrowser (’’)

WebUI.maximizeWindow ()

WebUI.navigateToUrl (‘’)

WebUI.executeJavaScript (‘ = ‘75%’ ’, null)

WebUI.setText (findTestObject (‘Object Repository / EMISSIONS / Page_Ladorian iDS v4.0 / input_Usuario_mat-input-0’), ‘adminbp’)

WebUI.setEncryptedText (findTestObject (‘Object Repository / EMISSIONS / Page_Ladorian iDS v4.0 / input_Contrasea_mat-input-1’),
‘4nvbrPglk7k =’) (findTestObject (‘Object Repository / EMISSIONS / Page_Ladorian iDS v4.0 / span_Entrar’)) <---- here it fails me

can someone help me?

a greeting

I would really recommend not doing this. It can interfere with how selenium is able to locate elements based on their position in the window. Can you share why you want to resize when running your scripts?

The platform where i am working, have a problem with zoom, in any notebook its impossible see correctly, like mine


What, so you can see more panels? This is irrelevant to the automation code, and only serves you as a human viewing the web page. My advice: use the web page as it is with the current zoom level, and do not resize your window to achieve anything other than convenience while you are building your scripts.