Configure JIRA Integration

Jira is in cloud

Hi all? Could anyone help please, getting the error - “Account is not valid” when trying to integrate JIRA and Katalon. Username is the email I use for JIRA? Is there any permissions that need to be granted on the JIRA project side?

Hi all, any update on how this was fixed? we use microsoft single sign on and currently just see the “account is not valid” error when trying to connect to JIRA using the recent plugin; is it still possible to authenticate and connect? Thanks!

Hi all, recently I am try to integrate the jira to katalon. At first, I got confuse because there are no username whatsoever in jira cloud but I manage to found it by first exporting user accounts. But, upon trying to connect, I always got error “account is not valid” despite, I am sure the password is correct. is there anyway to trace where the problem lies on? thank you!

@rhesa.tanoto Does your organisation use Microsoft single sign on for your products, JIRA etc?

We’ve released a new version that’s support Jira Cloud using Atlassian Cloud API token. I hope this will solve your issue.

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I need to run Katalon test case in console mode with Jira plugin. How could I run it ?
I can run it via Katalon GUI and my result gets updated on Jira, but on console it doesn’t work. Can anyone solve my problem ?

@deepakcarpenter.gen are you passing -apiKey with your command ?? if not generate apiKey and pass it while running test it will load all the installed plugins .

@abhi24790 I have tried with following command
katalon -noSplash -runMode=console -consoleLog -noExit -apiKey= -projectPath="" -retry=0 -testSuitePath=“Test Suites/login” -executionProfile=“default” -browserType=“Chrome (headless)”

Can you please assist me how I can pass API for Jira integration ?

@deepakcarpenter.gen please follow below mentioned link, it will guide you how to generate api key in order to use plugin in console mode

Thanks @abhi24790, I am able to run JIRA plugin via console mode now.
I am getting another issue with JIRA and Katalon integration, I have test cases written in Qmetry JIRA cloud and once I run the test cases from Katalon it’s not updating the test execution status. Sometimes it’s only uploading the result file. Can you please assist me, how could I update the test execution status and result file on Qmetry via Katalon Studio ?

@deepakcarpenter.gen is it showing any other execution result on the Jira issue at all? I had an issue with XRAY test management where by it would add a ‘katalon test result’ section to the Jira issue but would not update the main XRAY test status. Is this similar to what you are facing?


@devalex88 We did tried this multiple times, could see test report is getting uploaded back to JIRA Cloud but the test exeution status is not getting updated.

Logged couple of issues week before

I am facing the same issue…Have you got your issue resolved?

Hi Devalex ,
I am able to connect to JIRA Server but the projects are not getting displayed. Please help

Hi Loan,
I am able to connect to JIRA server successfully but the projects are not getting displayed.Please help

Hi @div.friends12,

Please share us some screenshot of this case and the KS .log file.





Am also facing the same issue with Jira, Jira execution results are not updated but I can see the reports attached in the attachments section.
Is this and issue with Katalon, please suggest what needs to be done to resolve this issue.

Ramya B M

I’m facing issue with Jira integration. The method ‘Add > link to existing issue’ from test case results view works fine, the existing issue is openned in Jira. But methods ‘Add > Create as New / Add > Create as Sub Issue’ do not work, a short error message “you are not login” displayed and after two redirection-tries the Jira login form displays but you can not login with the correct credentials! I’m using the free Katalon version 7.3.1. Thanks for any help.