Conditional Test Multiple Client/Browser

i have test case as descripbed below

  • login and start streaming in a browser/client
  • after the stream starts i want to open a new browser / login in a mobile client
  • and check if i can start streaming on this new browser/mobile client

as we should select execution environment only for test suites included in test suite collections, i have to duplicate test suites for each test. And this is not really optimized.

is there a way i can define with which environment configuration a test case should be executed in a test suite?

Or f you have a workaround could you please help me? i.e. run multiple browser in different environment configurations in same test case.

Other question: do we have option for conditional test execution statements in test suites. For example if tc1 finish with failure i want to execute second if not stop.

The topic is closed due to inactiveness. Feel free to create a new one if you have any concerns.