Concern For Disparity Between KS and KSE

I know that you guys aren’t doing this for free and you have to make money, but I am concerned about how much is missing from KS that is only offered in KSE. Along with that, a feature that I thought was missing and absolutely necessary for Katalon is here, RE, but that is only a paid service. I have always had two main pain points with Katalon, the learning curve to get into it effectively and how challenging it would be to integrate into a CI/CD flow. Now one of these pain points can’t get resolved without paying, which once again, I know this is a business, but it becomes harder to sell to the hire-up.

On a side small note, my coworker told me 2 years ago that this is what was going to happen, but it feels like you guys have been going alittle more “aggressive” than the standard for tools like this.