Comprehensive Error handling guide?


I have cannot find a good reference/article/academy course etc about best practices for handling errors. I may be missing something but I’ve crawled through all of the otherwise really helpful content. References to error handling is just scattered around as needed. Where can I find a more unified guide or discussion? Thanks!

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As far as I am aware, there is none of such kind.

If you raise a specific question here presenting what error you got, and how you want to manage it, then somebody would reply to you how to code a solution for you. If you do not give us specific question, it’s difficult to think about it.


Hi @dtuten, thanks for sharing with us the feedback.

Currently, we have this section for test maintenance: Introduction to test maintenance | Katalon Docs.

We hope this would help, and please let us know if you have any detailed suggestions for us so that we could improve our documentation better :two_hearts:

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Hi @dtuten, we have looked into your inquiry. We have published our error handling doc recently and you can find it here: Errors
We look forward to responding if you have any further inquiries.

Happy testing!

I was surprised to find this reply from Katalon team.
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