Complication with Docker image 5.8.5 in

I am not sure if the CI/CD integration section which lists the docker link indicates that the repo stored at: GitHub - katalon-studio/docker-images: Docker images for Katalon Studio and other frameworks is officially part of the Katalon releases. Just in case I wanted to report an issue I was having.

We are passing values to Katalon in docker version 5.7.1 via environment variables. After upgrading to 5.8.5 for the docker image, I noticed that my scripts
couldn’t see what was set in the environment variables. After some
research I noticed that the sudo command in could
add -E which will carry forward the environment variables. I am not sure
if this is going to be valid with the direction you’re taking the
docker image and execution path.

Alternatively could there be a way added via command line options to pass environment variables to the Katalon container.