Compatibility between Versions

Is backward / forward compatibility of Test Cases ensured when I upgrade from one version to the next? Will my Test Cases still run on both versions?

Yes. Any undocumented incompatibility issue is treated as a bug and will be fixed.

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Here are some of the compatibility and execution differences that I have noticed with my scripts after using both Katalon Studio version 5.4 and 5.3.1:

1. I’m not sure if this was a one off occurrence, but the Global Variables that I created in version 5.4 did not carry over to the previous version of 5.3.1.

  1. I have encountered while loops using other non checked (selected) “Object Properties” if the checked Object Property is not found. This causes the while loop to fail instead of executing the loop as it should. To resolve this, I have had to make sure there is only 1 Object Property for the Object (or use version 5.3.1 again).

3. When a script fails in version 5.4, the browser window closes for me. I verified that the “Terminate drivers after each Test Case” and “Terminate drivers after each Test Suite” checkboxes (found under the Settings>Execution>Default tab) were unchecked, as I have them in version 5.3.1. Once again, version 5.3.1 would leave the browser open on a failed test given that those checkboxes were unchecked.

Please let me know if I missed something to correct these issues.

Thank you for the valuable feedback - I’ll move this to the right subforum. I thought you were talking about Katalon Recorder :slight_smile: .

I appreciate it Alex. Sorry, I didn’t notice I was in the “Katalon Recorder” section when I responded to this.

I did notice that opening a 5.4.2 version in 5.5.0 crashed, but was successful the second try.