Compare value popup window

Hi, I’m new to these tools

I wanna ask about how to compare values from the input field like this

and the popup message like this

i tried using if else like this:
if(WebUI.getText(findTestObject(‘MidTrans/Total_txt’)) == WebUI.getText(findTestObject(‘MidTrans/OrderTotal_txt’))) {
KeywordUtil.markPassed(“The amount is the same”)
}else {
KeywordUtil.markFailed(“The amount is not the same”)

but it failed cause the object Total_txt cannot be found

We will need to see the HTML for both fields to provide you with an answer. Also, please share what you have in your 2 test objects for these fields. Thanks.

hi Brandon, I already solve the case using WebUI.getText() for both values and using WebUI.verifyMatch()

thank you for your attention to my post

Very good. Glad you were able to solve it :smiley: