Compare to columns from test data file and print out to file

Hi guys, I’m trying to compare redirects in data file and to have output file with simple true or false result.

  1. Column A = URL which needs to be open in browser
  2. Column B = URL which needs to be compared when redirect happens
  3. File created can be just 0 or 1.

Example of the URL’s in the Data file:

It seems simple, but I’m struggling. I can see that to use Verify Match is not for URL’s, but there’s Get Url. How should I proceed in next steps, please?

This is my code:

WebUI.navigateToUrl(findTestData(‘Redirects’).getValue(1, 1))
WebUI.verifyMatch(findTestData(‘Redirects’).getValue(1, 1), findTestData(‘Redirects’).getValue(
2, 1), false)
File log = new File((‘Redirects’ + true) + ‘.csv’)

I can have output as separated csv. files per each line of validation. I can put them all together in one reported file with

for /F %i in (‘dir /b *.csv’) do @more %i >> report.csv

Can anyone help me with this, please?
Many thanks.