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Heads up! In the past 2 weeks, we’ve seen a lot of reports of a bug in KR v7.0.0 that prevents web browsers from opening. Thanks to @mathew.powell, @foxconnvas, @rene.haayes, @lschollar, @dmccormick, and @osamazaza200 for letting us know! We’re investigating.

Threads Description Workaround
9.5.0 free version Page load failed on startup. Also log viewer no longer displaying live updates Updating from v9.4.0 to v9.5.0, error: Page load failed with error: The request timed out. Investigating
Cannot login on some websites after I install Katalon Recoder via Chrome extension store Fail to use Chrome when KR v7.0.0 is activated but succeeds when KR is inactivated Acknowledged and fixing
Extension Katalon Recorder v7.0.0 not working on Chrome and Edge browsers Similar to the above
Unable to load webpages with Katalon Recorder extension active Similar to the above
**`katalon-recorder`** Issues with jQuery after update to 17 Similar to the above, the webpage is unresponsive
Swipe Function Not Working After Upgrading to katalon 9.5.0(Critical Bug) Swipe function is not working in v9.5.0 Investigating

:information_source: Help us improve! Your feedback and bug reports are essential. Share them on the forum (Bugs Report - Katalon Community) and we’ll investigate to keep things running smoothly for you.

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