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It is time to take a look back at what has been going on on our forum in the last two weeks!

This week’s edition is packed with exciting news and updates from our community. We have a lot to share, so dive right in and explore the sections that pique your interest!

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Attention Community Creators!

We have a call to action! Over 40 questions have landed on the forum in the past two weeks, and some areas need your support! Let’s team up and build the ultimate community resource!

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Let’s Get Those Tips & Tricks Flowing!

We haven’t seen many new sharings in the Tips & Tricks section in a while. Katalon thrives on community knowledge sharing. Dive in and share your testing wisdom - we can’t wait to hear from you!

News/threads Description
Step-by-Step Guide to Troubleshoot Katalon 'Run from here' not working A huge thank to @Dave_Evers for sharing detailed guide on troubleshooting the error: Run from here not working
[KShare] How to Upload a File using TestCloud? This week’s KShare dives into a productivity booster for TestCloud users! Learn how to seamlessly upload local files to your project and then straight to your TestCloud environment.

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We would like to welcome our new members in the last two weeks @newcomers to our forum!

Since you are new here, we are sure that you have a lot of questions about how our forum works, as well as how you can receive the best support from others. Hence, please take your time to familiarize yourselves with our Getting Started Guide below:

Please also make sure to say hi to everyone, and maybe introduce a little bit about yourself in the thread below:

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Check out our current & upcoming events below:

1. Celebrate our 70,000+ members milestone with us! :tada:

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Our Community recently reached 70,000 members (and counting), this number is comprised of both Katalon Forum members and Katalon Academy learners. From now till 2024-07-31T16:59:00Z, you can earn up to 490 Kudos when you join in our little activity! Click on the banner to learn more!

2. [KataConnect #11] Upskill from Manual to Automation Testing

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Join us for KataConnect #11!

Level up your testing skills from manual to automation at this Jakarta offline event. We’ll address common challenges faced by software testers and QA professionals, guiding you through the processes of planning, designing, implementing, and more! Join us from 2024-07-31T11:30:00Z to 2024-07-31T14:00:00Z at PIC Creative Space, Wisma Staco, Gedung, JI. Raya Casablanca No.Kav 18 Ground Floor, Jakarta 12870.

3. [KS 9.5] Simplify Mobile Testing with the new TestCloud integration :iphone:

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From Katalon Studio 9.5 onward, we have introduced a new feature to enable you to record and run mobile-native applications using TestCloud mobile devices seamless right within Studio. And we cannot wait for you to try it out!

From now till 2024-07-31T16:59:00Z, you can get up to 400 Kudos (which is enough to exchange for a $30 eGift card from us) when you show us that you have used this feature. Click on the banner above to learn more!

4. [Survey] Get to win $100 by helping us improve Katalon Studio! :gift:


Our Katalon Studio team is always looking for valuable insights and feedback from you to help us improve Studio for all of our users. And, from now till 2024-07-31T16:59:00Z, you will also get a chance to win $100 when you fill in our short survey!

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Help Us Make Katalon Even Better!

We haven not seen many bug reports from the community lately in Bugs Report yet. Your feedback is instrumental in keeping Katalon’s products running smoothly. Please share any issues you encounter, big or small! Together, we can make Katalon the best it can be.

Thanks to @osamazaza200 for taking the initiative! Let’s keep the conversation going in your thread.

Threads Description Workaround
Katalon pause test suite collection execution !!! Test Suite Collection halts and fails to complete the test with additional resources: time, devices, … Please help follow up the thread

:information_source: Help us improve! Your feedback and bug reports are essential. Share them in the Bugs Report category and we will investigate to keep things running smoothly for you.

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