Command Line - Execution on real browser window

Hello everyone,

I have a Test Collection that requires an AutoIT script to perform the login on the website that I’m going to run the tests on. When I execute the Test Collection through the command line, since it doesn’t open any browser windows, all tests fail due to being unable to login.

Any suggestions on how to overcome this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hello everyone,

I found the issue and fixed it.

The problem was related to the location of my AutoIT executable because it seems that when running from the command line, Katalon isn’t able to determine the current project’s folder location. I had placed the executable within the project’s location.

I solved it by creating the following variable:
projectDirectory = RunConfiguration.getProjectDir() + '/AutoIT/login.exe'
To use it I had to import:
import com.kms.katalon.core.configuration.RunConfiguration as RunConfiguration